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History of School

Historical Background

The children in this area, who are about 8 kilometers away from Dhadhing district’s first secondary school (currently Shree Ardash Bahumukhi Campus, Gajuri), were deprived of education. At that time, the idea of ​​providing education to their sons and daughters was raised in the former Salang Village Development Committee (VDC) ward no. 6, which has now been incorporated into ward no. 4 of the rural municipality. In the initiative of late Khin Bahadur Thapa’s son, late Taluram Thapa, a school was established in the small building next to the Salang VDC ward no. 6 ground, Duwathok of ward no. 5, Gairi village, Kuwapani, and Basant and Dhawadi and Kotgaon’s local communities actively participated. The land on which the school is currently located was obtained by exchanging a portion of Khin Bahadur Thapa’s land with a disputed piece of land in ward no. 5, and the school was born from the small building named Shree Panchamukhi Primary (now Secondary) School.

The name of this school, which was originally named after a goddess with five faces, was changed to Panchamukhi Primary School in Ward No. 3 of Siddhalek Rural Municipality from the current Salang VDC Ward No. 6. This has been confirmed by the records left by the school’s founder, Khin Bahadur Thapa. The school initially began teaching from Class 1 with minimal fees, and after a while, a single boundary was acquired in 2035. Khin Bahadur Thapa was then appointed as the founder and principal of the school. Regular classes started in 2036 with the acceptance of two classes and the establishment of two boundaries. In 2039, the school received another boundary after upgrading to Class 4. Class 5 was only introduced in 2046.

Most of the Dalit and indigenous children studying in this school have come here to study in this academic session, which had gone to other private schools for their studies in the previous academic session. As a result, the goodwill of the guardians towards this school has increased, and it is seen that the overall academic standard of the school is also improving.

Geographical Condition: Physical Condition

Located in ward no. 3 (formerly Salang village development committee ward no. 5) of Siddhalek Rural Municipality in the west of Dhading district, lies Shree Shree Mahakali Secondary School. East of this school is Bhagwati River (locally known as Bhante Khola) and Shree Malikaa Aadharbhut Vidyalaya in Bhedabari, and to the north is the jungle of Bhumesthan Patal and Akala Devi Secondary School. The school is situated in the packet area of Resham Sangh of Akala Devi, which lies in the west of Chhap Gaon and Pokhari Danda.

Furthermore, to the south is the Trishuli River, which is a major river of Nepal, and alongside it runs the country’s main road, Prithvi Highway. The school is located 3.5 kilometers uphill from Salang bazaar in Siddhalek Rural Municipality, and can be reached by foot through a trek that passes through Salang Maidan’s peak and ends at Puchhar Simana in Duwathok.